Country of Origin Australia

Main effects:
☆ Bring vitality to the skin and bring back the youthful radiance of the skin!
☆ brighten skin color, nourish and repair
☆ firming skin and delaying aging


After cleansing and skin care, take the size of the pearl, spread it evenly

 around the eyes and lips, gently spread it out, gently tap it to fit the skin.

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Specially formulated with black caviar, trace molecular gold, black pearls, amino acids and marine minerals to help reduce dark spots, pigmentation and pores while nourishing and firming the skin
○Innovative AIWHITEN crystal-transparent particles, using optical technology to target skin conditions, environmental fiber, correct skin whitening effect, naturally hide facial paralysis
○ Add 0.05mm active nano gold, rich in minerals and negative ions, effectively remove harmful free radicals and increase skin's own resistance. It can also inhibit melanin production and make skin smooth and translucent.
○ Niacinamide effectively reduces pigmentation, effectively moisturizes the muscles, leaving the skin supple and full

Main ingredients:
○ Avocado: moisturizing, smooth and smooth skin
○ Fucus algae: repairs the skin, leaving the skin bright and bright
○ tea extract complex: soothing and transparent, elastic skin barrier

Product specifications: 50ml / bottle

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