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Richell Rat Drinking Tube Water Cup 150ml

Replacement straw model S3 (B1521B), can be purchased in our store. 

Richell Straw Replacement S-3

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Cover, button, cover, axle box: polypropylene
Bottle: polypropylene
Nozzle, straw, packing, spring: silicone rubber


Maximum scale capacity: 150 mL
Dishwasher: good
Disinfection: boiling 〇, chemical solution 〇, microwave 〇
★Heat-resistant temperature/cold-resistant temperature
Box cover, button, cover, shaft compartment: 120 degrees / -20 degrees
Bottle: 110 degrees / -20 degrees
Drinking spout, straw, packaging, spring: 140 degrees / -20 degrees

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