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★ The advanced exhaust system of the nipple is designed to help absorb the least air and prevent flatulence.
★ breast milk bottle nipple, can fully correspond to the three principles of baby sucking breast milk - , , , so that baby sucking milk is easier and smoother.

★The top of the nipple is completely conformed to the shape and size of the breastfeeding nest, and it is soft and not easy to collapse. The thick and soft silicone makes the movement of the tongue natural and smooth.

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★ The advanced exhaust system of the nipple is designed to help absorb the least air and prevent flatulence.
★ breast milk bottle nipple, can fully correspond to the three principles of baby sucking breast milk - , , , so that baby sucking milk is easier and smoother.

★The top of the nipple is completely conformed to the shape and size of the breastfeeding nest, and it is soft and not easy to collapse. The thick and soft silicone makes the movement of the tongue natural and smooth.


Bottle nipple cleaning method
Before use for the first time, be sure to wash and immerse in boiling water for about 5 minutes to ensure hygiene.
Wash your hands with soap before washing, disinfecting and feeding.
Immediately after each use, rinse with warm water and then with a special bottle cleaning solution.
Use a nylon brush to wash the glass bottle.
In order to protect the nipple breathable valve and the Y-shaped nipple opening, the surface is coated with a safe white powdery food additive. Please wash it before use for the first time.
Use both hands to gently wash the breather valve, venting hole and nipple opening. If it is washed or pulled strongly, the venting valve will rupture and cause leakage.
The nipple is very delicate and should be washed carefully when cleaning with a nipple brush.


Bottle nipple disinfection method
Be sure to disinfect before each use. The disinfection method is as follows:

Boiling disinfection
After thoroughly washing the parts of the bottle (bottle, nipple, bottle stopper and nipple cover), completely immerse it in water and boil it on fire. The disinfection time is about 5 minutes after boiling. During the sterilization process, the product may touch the edge of the pot and cause deformation.
During the disinfection process, if the product is about to touch the pot, use the pigeon bottle holder to remove it.
If the boiling time is too long, it will reduce the product life.
Be sure to pay attention to it all the way.

2. Disinfection of liquid medicine
The most convenient and safe way to disinfect bottle nipples.
For the disinfection of the liquid, please use the disinfectant for the bottle and nipple. For details, please follow the instructions for the disinfectant.
Use the pigeon baby bottle disinfectant for 30 hours to achieve disinfection.

3. Microwave disinfection
Please follow the instructions for the disinfection method.
Please follow the operating instructions for the microwave oven you are using.
Be sure to use special equipment. Bottles and parts cannot be placed directly in the microwave for disinfection. There must be water in the container when heating.

4. Steam sterilization pot
The steam sterilizer can be quickly and easily sterilized. All cleaned bottles and accessories can be disinfected using a pigeon steam sterilizer, please follow the disinfection product instruction manual.

5. Other methods
This product is not recommended to use UV and drying methods to disinfect! (It is easy to cause the product to wear faster).

Bottle use, preservation and use
Adults are required to supervise the use of this product.
Do not use the nipple as a pacifier.
Continuous use of milk for a long time may cause tooth decay.
Always check the temperature of the milk before feeding.
Keep all items out of reach of children.
Parents should pay special attention to the baby's long teeth. Whether the nipple is damaged by biting, please check and pull in all directions before using the nipple. If there is any damage or injury, please discard it immediately.
Do not expose the nipple to direct sunlight, direct heat, or disinfect (solvent) for more than the recommended time as it will make the nipple vulnerable.
Bottles are used to feed baby's milk or other liquids. Do not use them for other purposes.
After using this product, store it in a cool, ventilated, dry place or in a dry, covered container and keep it out of reach of children.

Milking method
When using foam, be sure to use boiling water that has been boiled and cooled to above 70 °C. Do not use boiled water below 70 °C after boiling.
Please add the ratio of boiling water to milk powder according to the brewing instructions of each brand of milk powder.
Put the bottle cap with the nipple fixed on the bottle and gently tighten it. Do not cover the bottle cap. Hold the bottle slowly and gently shake it. When the milk powder is completely dissolved, pour the remaining hot water.
After soaking the milk, cover the bottle cap and place the bottle in running tap water to lower the temperature to the temperature suitable for feeding. In this case, flush the bottle with the running tap water, and do not rush to the nipple and bottle stopper.
Please confirm that the milk is suitable for feeding.
When using round hole nipples (SS, S): Tilting the bottle after soaking the milk may eject liquid. Please wait until the milk drops to a drop and then feed the baby.
When using the Y-shaped nipple (M, L, LL): Since the nipple opening is closed, the tilting bottle will not eject liquid. After sufficient cooling, confirm the surface temperature of the bottle.
If the bottle is cold, suddenly pouring it into the boiling water may break, so be careful.
When soaking milk, if the bottle is shaken up and down, the hot liquid may rush out and cause burns. Please carefully hold the bottle.
Do not cover the bottle cap and shake the bottle. If the bottle cap is covered, high temperature will cause the pressure inside the bottle to rise, causing it to overflow or spray hot liquid.
A sudden change in temperature can cause the glass bottle to rupture, so do not use ice water to lower the bottle temperature.
Do not use a microwave oven to heat hot water for foaming in a bottle or to heat brewed milk.
Please avoid soaking milk near your baby because it is easy to burn your baby.
Please check the bottle before and after each use, as soon as it is found to have cracks or other damage, please replace it immediately.

Feeding method and use
Please wait until the milk drops to about the body temperature before feeding the baby.
Feed the baby by the caregiver.
The caregiver must hold the baby and start feeding, the best feeding time is 10-15 minutes.
If the bottle stopper is turned too tight, the nipple may collapse when feeding.
Please wash the brewed milk immediately, and drain the milk that has not been consumed for 2 hours after brewing.

Pacifier aperture introduction and product combination


Care instructions
★ Please keep it in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

★Please refer to the method of use.

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