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Product specifications: 16 pieces (each piece: 50mm * 110mm)

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Product specifications: 16 pieces (each piece: 50mm * 110mm)
The baby's immunity from the mother's body is reduced, so it is easy to get sick. Especially in the autumn and winter seasons, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is large, the baby's diet, dressing or activities are slightly inattentive, it will have a fever. Mothers know that heat below 39 °C is not suitable for antipyretics, so how can make your baby feel better when you have a fever. Drinking plenty of water, less clothes, cooling, warm water, etc. are all good methods. At the same time, an effective way is to use antipyretic stickers.
Infant and child antipyretic stickers produced by Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals. It provides a refreshing feeling for 8 hours. Give your baby a fever or headache, toothache, and muscle aches to relieve discomfort caused by fever and soreness. It is a supplementary accessory that needs to be kept in the family medicine box.
1. Contains unique cold-sensing sustained-release microcapsules for up to 8 hours to cool down; nighttime dressing, lasting effect up to the next morning.
2. Moisture in the gelatinous substance can carry away heat and divergence. There will be no excessive cooling.
3. Weak acid film, does not irritate the skin.
1. Remove the antipyretic patch from the bag.
2. Peel off the non-stick paper and attach the transparent side to the forehead and the desired body part.
3. Use once for each piece and replace it with new ones after about 8 hours.
4. The refrigerator is refrigerated for a while, and the antipyretic effect is more powerful.
Note on use:
Do not stick to the eyes, and abnormal skin (wound, eczema, etc.).
Save the note:
The first line on the back of the bag is cut open, and the second line of the storage delay is bent. The quality and heat-reducing paste are effective.

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