Packing Spec500 ml / 16.9 fl oz
Country of Origin United States of America

La Tourangelle Roasted Walnut oil is the fruit of passionate, patient, and artisanal care. It is pure, all-natural, delicious, and easy to use.

We believe traditional methods are still the best ways to retain all the flavors, nutrients and health benefits that nature provides. We extract our ingredients and press our oil with the utmost love and care to provide you with the highest-quality products, like this walnut oil.

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100% pure natural walnut oil from the United States, puzzle, eyesight, brain,
in addition to the need for special care for mothers and small babies,
the whole family is suitable for consumption, according to ingredients and digestibility,
walnut oil is the most suitable for infants Oils, especially after weaning,
can no longer get enough oil from breast milk. Walnut oil is rich in Omega3 fatty acids,
which can effectively promote the development of baby's brain and retina.
It is also an excellent nutrient for expectant mothers!

Recommended method of consumption:
Roasted walnut oil has a smoke point of 175 ° C,
which is suitable for medium temperature stir fry;
mixed roasted walnut oil with balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar can be used as salad dressing;
 it can also be drenched on flour, Italian pasta, or with bread Taste directly.
In addition, it can also be served with grilled meats such as grilled meat and grilled fish.
It is delicious and delicious! It is best for 6 months after opening,
please keep it refrigerated after opening.

Pregnant women: 10ml-25ml daily, fried / fried / salad or directly drink.

0-6 months - 2ml per day
6-9 months - 6ml daily
9-12 months - 8ml daily
12-18 months - 10ml daily
18-24 months - 15ml daily
24 months or more - 20ml per day

4-6 months baby: Add directly to rice flour, puree, egg yolk and other complementary foods.
7-12 months baby: complementary foods are mainly paste and semi-solid, can be directly added to the staple food, such as noodles, vegetable soup and so on.
Baby over 1 year old: When eating soft food, it is recommended to use walnut oil to cook your baby's daily dishes.

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