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Uses are made of precious traditional Chinese medicine, which is used to remove wind and dehumidification, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic,

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Uses are made of precious traditional Chinese medicine, which is used to remove wind and dehumidification, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic, analgesic, anti-itch and cough. Pure medicinal properties, no cold or dry, no side effects. It is safe and reliable. It is a special medicine for all ages. Convenience and special effects, potent strength, fast effect, since the launch of the world, widely used by people from all walks of life, I would like to introduce common diseases, experience and usage, I hope that users can refer to the instructions at the same time, and use their own experience to flexibly use, self-seeing miraculous effect.
Colds of the cold: the upper part of the mouth, the outer neck, the back of the ears, the shoulders of the shoulders, the front chest, the lungs of the back, the veins of both hands and the veins of the foot. See the tired person and the foot of the foot, see dizziness Add the forehead and the two fronts. See the gastrointestinal tract and add the umbilical part. Keep warm (the hot is also windy, the internal cause should be cool and dietary supplement. You should drink plenty of water)
Continue to heal when it takes effect.
Abdominal pain and dysentery: the outer umbilicus, rubbing the bottle by hand for a while, when needed, more than twice.
Sprained sprain: Use the oil to rub the affected area, rub it repeatedly or apply it to the affected area, and use it several times. The effect is faster. If the condyle is up, it should be manually reset, and the medicine should be cured after the reduction.
Rheumatoid bone pain, arthritis, bruises, raw bone spurs: use more medicine, or rub a little, twice or three times a day, (walking scattered, sputum dispersing pain) when the pain is relieved, once a day Or twice. Continuous healing.
Cough: sputum in the mouth, sputum outside the throat, the back of the ears and the chest, or rubbing the lungs of the spine.
Sore throat and toothache: external throat, back of the ear and back of the neck. (Do not eat fried food, should use a cool diet to assist) toothache rubbing the face near the affected area.
Nasal congestion, nasal sensitivity: sputum into the nostrils and upper jaw, neck, behind the ears, both shoulders. (The nasal sensitivity is cured when it is effective, and strengthen the body and nourish)
Dizziness, headache, seasickness and motion sickness: 搽 positive and two sides and two ears.
Hong Kong feet, rotten meat, poisonous sores, hand and foot frostbite, mosquito bites: external sputum, slightly
Rub it hard, lick it a few times. Or use a hot towel for a while before rubbing it.
Painful stomach account: rubbing the affected area, rubbing it.
Gastrointestinal discomfort: one or two times outside the umbilicus.
Otitis earache: use a small cotton ball wet medicated oil, gently rub into the middle of the ear.

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Professor Yin Jingbo, a granddaughter of Zhongshan Medical College, is a registered Chinese medicine practitioner and a professor of acupuncture at TCM. She is the Honorary President of the Chinese Medical Association of Hong Kong, the Honorary Dean/Professor of the Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Research Institute, and the Honorary President of the Hong Kong and Kowloon Chinese Medicine Labor Union. He has served as the chairman of the Hong Kong Acupuncture Association for several consecutive terms.

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