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China Jilin specialty Zhengmei antler slices 1 pack (4 sachets per box)

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China Jilin specialty Zhengmei antler slices 1 pack (4 sachets per box)

Jilin antler, one of the three treasures of Kanto.
Mainly produced in Changbai Mountain, Jilin Province, it is taken from the tender horns of sika deer when they are not growing into hard bones.
Because of its rich nutrition and remarkable medicinal effects, it has been listed as a tribute in history.
Various antler products represented by antler slices are selling well in the international market.

The medical value of antler is very high.

It has been listed as the top grade in China's earliest "Shen Nong's Materia Medica".

Ming Shi pharmacist Li Shizhen said in his "Compendium of Materia Medica":
Deer antler can "regenerate essence and nourish the marrow, nourish the blood and benefit the yang, strengthen the muscles and strengthen the bones,
Govern everything is deficient, deaf and dark, dizzy and diarrhea.
"Modern Chinese medicine treats impotence, spermatorrhea, cold limbs, backache, and knee weakness with antler.
As well as embolism of Deficiency and cold collapse, dysplasia of children.
Deer antler does not converge on chronic ulcers and negative sores can not afford embolism,
It has the effect of replenishing essence blood and lifting by inner support.
Adhering to taking antler can prolong life.

Suitable for crowd editing
1. Middle-aged and elderly people. Middle-aged men over the age of 40 and elderly people with poor health can eat antler to supplement qi and blood, strengthen the heart and rejuvenate the veins, stasis the muscles and strengthen the bones.

2. Those who are afraid of cold. People who are afraid of cold are often yang deficiency, and antler is a symptomatic warm tonic.

3. Those with declining sexual function. Deer antler can restore and promote energy and sexual function. It mainly treats kidney yang deficiency, low back pain, nocturnal emission and frequent urination.

Fourth, the middle-aged and young people who are too tired. Deer antler has the effects of replenishing the marrow, strengthening the brain and calming the mind, and enhancing the body's immunity. Suitable for those with insufficient blood, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, forgetfulness, sweating, anemia.
5. Those with rot. Deer antler has excellent anti-inflammatory effect.

6. Middle-aged women. Deer antler can treat gynecological diseases such as uterine insufficiency, uterine bleeding, subsidence, postpartum anemia and infertility.

Taboo editing
1. People with symptoms of "five upset fever" and Yin deficiency;

2. People who have yellow urine, dry or sore throat, and feel thirsty from time to time with symptoms of internal heat;

3. People who often have nosebleeds, or women who have a lot of menstrual flow, bright red blood, and thin red veins on the tongue, showing blood heat;
4. People who are suffering from cold, cold, headache, nasal congestion, fever, chills, cough and sputum, etc.

5. People with high blood pressure, dizziness, unstable walking, pulse dizziness and irritability, and lively liver.

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