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Japan roihi-tsuboko cold shoulder pain back pain patch 156 sticks

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Japan roihi-tsuboko cold shoulder pain back pain patch 156 sticks

A cost-effective warm painkiller. It contains 156 pieces!

Don't look at the small one, it's super easy to use, which hurts, which can relieve shoulder and neck pain, low back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, relieve fatigue, fracture pain. It can be applied to the affected area in groups of three or four, and it works quickly. Good effect!

Family must-have ~ Japan's must-buy list!


Modern people have a busy life, work fatigue, and high mental stress. In addition, they need to use computers and mobile phones for a long time, so everyone has soreness!

When it comes to the solution, there are actually a few old sayings: "Position should be correct", "work and rest should be normal", "proper rest should not be too tired" ... etc.

Everyone knows these health concepts, but it ’s easy to say and difficult to do ~ (After all, we live every day and we have almost no end to work)

Whether it is tight shoulders and necks, back pain, muscle fatigue ... etc. "Roy's cream" has helped a lot

"Royal Ointment" is a brand born in 1932. The earliest was "creamy" texture. Later, in order to make it more convenient for users, the goal was to reach the realm of "aches and pains," and it was improved to the "small circle paste" we now use "Type, and has been selling 156-in packages since 1990 (that is, the classic we buy now, which has a 27-year history). Beginning in 2008, 78 blockbusters were introduced into packaging. As for the cool little stick "COOL" suitable for spring and summer, it was launched in 2014 (25th anniversary).

"ロ イ ロ 膏" product features:


Promote circulation and help improve local discomfort.
 It can be easily applied by yourself, and it can be accurately applied to stiff and uncomfortable places.
 Small size circular shaped patch, like the size of a coin, is also very convenient to carry around. (With clip bag included)
 The color is similar to the skin color, and even if you go out in the summer, it is less likely to be found.
 It can be used almost all over the body, especially the shoulders, neck, lower back, hands and feet, knees, soles, etc.
 The patch itself has enough adhesive force to prevent it from falling off after being applied, and this is also the strength of the company NICHIBAN.
 The texture of the patch is highly malleable and stretchable. It can be smoothly applied regardless of the angle of the patch, and it is not easy to detach!


Precautions for using "ロ イ ヒ つ ぼ 膏":


 Can only be applied to the skin. Do not use on areas with mucous membranes and wounds (such as around the eyes, mouth, etc.)
 Friends who have sensitive skin or have allergies to the drug are advised to consult a doctor or pharmacist before using.
 If you are going to take a shower after you paste it, be sure to leave it at least 30 minutes to an hour apart. (Avoid discomfort caused by temperature changes)
 Do not stick to the bath, and because of your personal constitution, in order to avoid discomfort, do not stick it immediately after taking a bath.
 When using, please clean the sweat and dirt on the skin to avoid the oil and dirt on the skin surface from easily falling off.
 Please try to avoid using it with other heating products, such as: electric blankets, warm bags, too close to the stove, etc., may increase the irritation.

[Hegu Acupoint (Tiger Mouth)] I post it here every time I feel a little headache.

[Around the shoulder and neck] The method of sticking around the shoulder and neck is to refer to the suggestions on their outer packaging. A total of 8 stickers at a time, I feel pretty good!

[Lumbar Eye Acupoint] Every time my back is uncomfortable, I will stick it near this acupuncture point, or stick it in a straight line.

[Quchi Point] Soothes Allergic Rhinitis

[Sanyinjiao (inside of the calf)] This position is very important for girls. Frequent massage can improve gynecological problems!

[Zusanli (outside of the lower leg)] This position is good for the health of the abdominal area. I have tried stomach pain and compression before, and it is relatively relieved ~

What's the benefit of sticking to the location of "Yongquan Point"? (The following are legendary effects on the Internet, for reference only)

1. Promote peripheral blood circulation, improve the coldness of the feet, and are particularly comfortable in winter (and do not feel too hot or hot at all)

2. Promote fat burning, improve leg edema, edema, etc. (Some Japanese netizens say that when they sleep, their legs are much lighter ~) (true or false?)

3. For long standing and sedentary workers, it can help lower body circulation and reduce edema and fat accumulation.

* We try to present the color of the product as accurately as possible, but your computer screen will affect the displayed color, so the color you see through the computer screen may not exactly match the real thing.

* The specific place of origin is based on the actual goods received

For more information on the product, see the instructions on the packaging.
Excellent picture reference, subject to actual product.

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