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Brand: Hotapa

Product: Hotapasui 100% Natural Scallop Shell Water Refill

Country of Origin: Japan

Range: Body, interior space, pets, cloth products, iron products, etc

Volume: 500ml

Expiry Date: 1-3 Years (6-12months after opened) manufacture number on package

Features & Benefits

-This product is a colorless, odorless and transparent strong alkaline electrolyzed water prepared by special filtration of shell powder and pure water.

-HOTAPA is an alkaline aqueous solution with a pH of about 11~12 which is fired at high temperature. It can remove 99.9% of bacteria within 5 minutes.

-Bactericidal deodorization, can be used for body, indoor space, pets, cloth products, iron products, etc.

-In addition to sterilization and deodorization, you can use it anywhere in the house, such as bedding, mold, oil, window cleaning, almost no skin irritation, it is also mild alkaline water

-Because it is effective against most bacteria and viruses, in addition to preventing food poisoning, it also has a deodorizing effect that eliminates the former smell.

-Prevent food poisoning, clean space, remove odor, litter box, etc. Deodorization, can also be used for sterilization and washing of dishes, etc.

-Natural ingredients, safe import, scallop cleaning products are made with more than 99% pure water, so the nature is mild and fragrance-free, almost zero irritation to the skin, eczema, hay fever, nasal sensitive people can Peace of mind

-Clean air can also be added to the humidifier. In addition to humidification, it also decomposes bacteria, germs, pollen and odor. (Please use 20:1, 20 parts of water: 1 part of Hotapa water) Serving amount)

Brand Story

The extensive use of chemical products can damage the environment in which we live. HOTAPA adheres to the philosophy of “guarding the environment, protecting lives and coexisting with the earth” and using products that use natural resources to develop products.

Alkaline scallops have been an excellent resource for purifying and improving soil since ancient times and are widely used.

The most important component of HOTAPA products Calcined shell calcium is heat treated and smashed at a temperature above 1000 °C. It is more alkaline than scallops and has the same purification power as sodium hypochlorite (bleach). The skin is more irritating than distilled water, and every family can use it with peace of mind.


- Spray about 10cm from the target

- can also be added to the humidifier at 20:1, 20 parts water: 1 part of Hotapa water


-Do not drink

-Do not place in high temperature or direct sunlight

-Please be careful not to touch your eyes or skin when using

-Please keep out of reach of children. Avoid eating
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