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Enriched in hyaluronic acid, the Eye Cream tightens the skin's matrix. It reactivates the regeneration mechanisms to fight wrinkles, fine lines, bags and dark circles. 

Incredibly fine and soothing texture.

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The H28 anti-aging complex ™ result of Esenka's applied research, is an innovative bio-mimetic eco-extract. Made from olive oil tree flowers, it contains an exclusive synergy of 28 anti-aging bio active ingredients. Indeed, this natural ingredient is highly concentrated in anti-oxidants, co-enzymes and polyphenols well known for their action on slowing down the aging process of the skin

The Olive tree... the greatest gift to mankind. In the Greek mythology, Athena Goddess of Wisdom and Peace and, Poseidon God of the Sea, entered a contest to become the protector of a newly built city. Zeus had promised to name the city after the one who would give the most precious, useful and divine gift to the citizens. Poseidon made appear a magnificent horse, symbol of power, bravery and strength, Athena created an olive tree, useful for light, heat, food, medicine, perfume and shade thus symbol of fruitfulness, peace, hope and justice. The citizens logically chose Athena's offering and the city was named after her. "The tree that stands unequaled" - Sophocles... Being one of the oldest known cultivated trees in the world - grown even before the written language was invented - the olive tree and its produce (fruit, oil, wood and leaves) have been widely used by many religions and culture, in various ceremonies and as a symbol of wisdom, purity, glory, sacredness, prosperity, unity and peace. Some olive trees are thousands years old, making it a keeper of tradition, bearer of long forgotten times and legacies. 

A symbol of patience and immortality, as the wood of the olive tree resists decay and even when the tree dies, news sprouts will grow from the roots and become a new tree. The olive tree is also able to resist harsh winters and burning summers, and still grow and produce fruits. The Olive tree flowers Although the many benefits of Olive oil and leaves have been well known for centuries and used in cosmetics and medicine, until today no-one has never used its small, white, feathery and fragrant flowers. 

At Esenka, we studied these flowers and realized we had a unique cosmetic treasure in our hands. Our delicate flowers come from centennial olive trees, grown with a specific slow biodynamic organic farming method, giving them an exceptional quality. Blooming only 10 days per year, they need to be hand-picked and cared with a unique know-how in order to offer their purest and fullest potential.

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