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“Dripo” is a 3-in-1 iced-drip coffee maker brings a fresh and easier way for you to make and enjoy your own ice drip coffee anywhere.  Cold Brew is a hot topic of coffee industry in recent years. Some people even compare ** Cold Brew** cold coffee and iced coffee, just like blending whiskey and single pure malt whisky. difference. Dripo can make your own taste to be shared with friends.

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  • 01. Dripo 三合一隨身冰滴咖啡杯
Beans and water: a love story.
We've distilled the flavor of coffee into every aspect of our lives—coffee candy, coffee cheesecake, coffee ice cream, coffee-braised pot roast, coffee-crusted bugers, and, of course, coffee in its myriad drink forms like frappucinos and macchiatos and anything else that looks like a milkshake but has that heady aroma that'll make your head spin. But ask a purist, and they'll tell you that the ultimate infusion is coffee and water. Be it espresso, pourover, French press, or that heavenly elixir you can only make with a slow drip coffee maker: COLD BREW.
Take it slow for maximum flavor absorption
At 45 drips per minute, the Dripo cold brew coffee maker is slow. It takes 2 hours to make a perfect 10 oz cup of coffee. But ask the Japanese, who invented the cold brew method—perfection is worth waiting for. Think about it. Espresso?? Intense, but harsh. It's made in a high-pressure, super-heated machine. You get coffee flavors, but you also get tannins forced out of the beans like state secrets in a KGB interrogation room. French press and pourovers are more faithful, but you're still forcing the flavors out with heat and gravity. Cold brew, however, lets the beans speak to the water. Maybe we're being a bit poetic, but we can't help it. Even bad coffee is delicious, but cold brew is tastiest of all!!! Finely ground beans. Distilled water. Put them together and let the beans play the melody that lets oils and acids seep into the water at its own pace, leaving bitterness behind where it should be—in the trash can, along with spent grounds and memories of unpleasant exes.
45 drips per minute ensures optimum balance
Here's the thing that makes Dripo better than other cold brew systems. Cold brewing is an art, and it's a beautiful one. But with 45 drips per minute leading to 5,400 drips to create a perfect 10 oz mug, Dripo takes that art and makes it precise. The ultimate coffee, every time. It's a marriage of art and science. Dripo's proprietary slow-drip cold brew method brings you the latest innovation in coffee to create an old-world, bitter-free luxurious taste. It's like listening to a concerto while floating on a gondola… in space.
Don't drink your coffee right after waking up
This is where you're probably shaking your head and thinking, “Well, this devastatingly handsome Dripo cold brew coffee maker endorser is no doubt correct about the taste of the coffee. But I like my joe the moment I get up, taste be damned!!” AND YOU'RE CORRECT—about me being devastatingly handsome, that is. Wrong about the coffee part though. All the scientists agree that the best times to drink coffee are between 10 AM and noon, and between 2 and 5 PM. So you can very easily get up, fill your Dripo, start doing all the awesome things you do, and then at 10 AM, take your first sip of that rich, flavorful eau de coffea. (That's bad French btw. Don't use that term in Paris when you're ordering coffee. But of course you won't need to order coffee in Paris because you'll have a Dripo.)
Fancy 'cinos just got easier to make
Speaking of Paris, here's something that's impressive like the Louvre though slightly less so. Say you have a friend over and you want to show off your barista skillz. With hot coffees, you'd have to cool it before you tried a shake or a frappe or anything at all. But with the Dripo slow drip coffee maker, just make it and stick it in the fridge. And when your friend comes, wow them and win their hearts with your ninja-level ability to mix two or even three different liquids together and top it with whipped cream!!
Take it with you
And here's the final cool thing about cold brew in general and Dripo in particular. When's the last time you've gone on a casual walk with your hot coffee?? There's just too much risk of spillage, and that heat would destroy your sensitive and well-moisturized skin!! With cold brew coffee though, it's in the name. It's cold. Colder than the heart of the ex we told you to leave behind a few paragraphs ago. So you don't need to be afraid of carrying it. Ambulate away!! The metropolis awaits!! Dripo has a spill-proof lid. So that if your metropolis is Metropolis, and you're Superman flying about, you can still carry the BPA-free mug (think of BPA as a very slow-acting kryptonite) in between arguments with Darkseid.
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