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Packing Spec12lb
Country of Origin United States of America
Description Grain free Indoor & Weight Control Dry Cat Food 12lb
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• 多元豆類混合蕃薯幫助貓隻平穩血糖及給予飽足感以控制體重,同時提供豐富纖維幫助排便及排出毛球

• 絲蘭提取物及蛋氨酸有助保持尿道健康,預防尿道發炎及結石

• 不含穀物及馬鈴薯,減低食材致敏機會,同時減少糖份吸收及積存

• 高纖低卡配方切合香港低運動量室內貓的需要,有助管理體重及控制熱量攝取


雞肉粉、 黃豌豆、 扁豆、 豌豆粉、 番薯、 雞肉脂肪(與生育酚,即維他命E混合)、 蛋粉、 白魚粉、 豌豆蛋白質、 木薯、 天然雞肝調味、 啤酒乾酵母、 粉狀纖維素、 乾番茄渣、 卵磷脂、 DL-蛋氨酸、 碳酸鈣、 L-離氨酸、 鹽、 牛磺酸、 絲蘭萃取物、 維他命E補充劑、 煙酸補充劑、 硫胺素硝酸鹽 (維他命B1硝酸鹽 )、 鹽酸吡哆醇 (維他命B6)、 核黃素補充劑、 抗壞血酸 (維他命C)、 生物素 (維他命B7)、 d-泛酸鈣、 維他命B12補充劑、 維他命A醋酸酯、 維他命D3補充劑、 葉酸 (維他命B9)、 氯化鉀、 硫酸亞鐵、 硫酸鋅、 鋅蛋白、 鐵蛋白、 硫酸銅、 氧化鋅、 硫酸錳、 錳蛋白、 銅蛋白、 一氧化錳、 亞硒酸鈉、 碘酸鈣

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About All About Pets

All About Pets is dedicated to the sale of quality natural pet food and supplies.


We are committed to providing the best quality food and supplies to pet owners at the most competitive prices.


We understand the needs of every customer and their pets.


In addition to selling pet products, we also provide pet grooming and beauty care services.


Open beauty room is absolutely open and transparent, experienced beautician single-handedly do, careful service.


At the same time, we understand the busy city life, and provide pet grooming and pet supplies delivery services,


so that owners can enjoy quality services without leaving home.


There is also a parking space at the entrance for motorists to pick up and shop for themselves.


In recent years, the trend of online stores, we hope to use the new web site,


to provide customers with an alternative to physical stores.


And continue to take the health of pets as the attitude to provide a variety of owners and quality services.

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