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Description DAIICHI - Carbonated deodorizing cleaning powder 500g
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Product: DAIICHI- Carbonated deodorizing cleaning powder 500g

Country of origin: Japan

Capacity: 500g

Category / place of use: pot, carpet, shoes, teapot, trash can, tableware, refrigerator, toilet and kitchen

Shelf life: 2-3 years (6-12 months after opening)


It can be used in multiple applications to effectively eliminate odor and dirt.

Effectively eliminates the astringency of fish and meat on the cutting board.

Remove the odor from the burning pot.

Can eliminate the smell on the carpet.

In terms of shoes, whether it is socks or shoes, it can also achieve deodorization and odor removal.

Long-term use of teapots will also reveal the taste, and heavy Cao can also eliminate these odors.

Heavy Cao not only eliminates odor but also removes dirt.

The tiles in the home are also reliable to remove dirt.

The smell of the trash can and the refrigerator can also be eliminated.

It can effectively eliminate the odor and remove the dirt for the home, which is convenient and saves money.

How to use:

Cutting board:

Please sprinkle the heavy powder, rinse with a sponge, rinse with the cutting board, and the fishy smell and dirt will be removed.

hot pot:

Add 1 liter of water to the powder, in a 4 tbsp cooking cup (1:4), boil for a while, cool, scrape off the water, and rinse with a sponge. ※ Do not use an aluminum pan as it may change color.


Leave the powder on the entire carpet and leave it for 2 hours or overnight.


Put the powder into socks, old socks, etc. (especially for shoes worn barefoot), put them in boxes, cups or empty bottles, open the lid, it can deodorize.


To remove tea crumbs and fumes from the cup, scrub and polish with powdered water.

Tile dirt:

Toilets and kitchens, bathroom tiles, scrubbed with powdered water, such as brushes, are effective when wiping.

trash can:

Sprinkle with powder, can absorb water and odor, the smell may not be very good, because it is washing the trash can.


Place the aluminum foil on the container of the genus, place the spoon and fork, pour about 1 liter of boiling water, add 3 tablespoons of powder, soak overnight, then polish with a soft cloth the next day. ※ Do not use an aluminum pan as it may change color.

Drainage pipe:

Leave a cup of powder not poured into the drain. When heavy stains are available, use citric acid in addition, leave it for more than 30 minutes, and wash it off with hot water.


Put the powder into a cup or empty bottle and place it in the cupboard with the lid open, it will deodorize.

Corner place:

If you put the powder in the bottom of the triangle corner, it will remove moisture and odor.


However, depending on the season and physical condition, it may cause rough hands. If you have this fear, use gloves for cooking. After use, it is recommended to clean with cream.

- If powder enters your eyes, rinse immediately with running water and do not rub. Consult your doctor even if there is still an abnormality after treatment.

-Because this product is not approved by food additives, please do not use it for food."

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