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Description Kobayashi - Toilet aroma cleaning block Grapefruit Fragrance120g x2pcs
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Brand: Kobayashi

Product: Kobayashi - Toilet aroma cleaning block Grapefruit Fragrance120g x2pcs

Country of origin: China

Product introduction: It can clean the toilet deeply and keep it clean and aromatic

Home category / place of use: toilet

Capacity: 120g x2pcs

Expiry Date: 1-3 years, (after opening: about 1.5 – 2.5 months) production number see packaging


It is used for toilet clearing, aroma and deodorization.

The second flush can clean the toilet deeply and keep it clean and aromatic!

Simply put the water reservoir in the back of the toilet, and the ion force effectively removes the stains in the toilet bowl.

With fresh fragrance, clean the toilet bowl and eliminate the unpleasant smell of the toilet

Washing liquid, remove stains and black scales at a glance

Aromatherapy lasts for a long time, effective for about 1.5 – 2.5 months

How to use

Torn off the package, directly put the washed pill and the packaging film into the water reservoir behind the toilet.

The packaging film will dissolve in water, please do not flush in 3 minutes

When placing the washing pill, please avoid the position close to the drain or the middle part of the water reservoir. Place it in the opposite direction of the water filling port and confirm that the washing pill sinks to the bottom of the basin.

If the washed pill accidentally falls to the drain, water inlet or water storage

When using the middle part of the device, please use a long strip object

Wash the pill to the appropriate position

If the foaming effect is weak, please replace it with a new one.


When the washed pill sinks to the bottom of the basin, do not flush the toilet within 3 minutes.

When flushing or flushing, the water flow should not be too strong. Avoid moving the water to wash the pill, causing the drainage port to clog, or excessive foaming. (If you need to adjust the water injection intensity, you can twist the bottom of the toilet
clockwise. Water plug adjustment

If the washing pill blocks the drain, please put on the gloves and take the washed pill.

Please replace the new one after the washing pill is used.

Do not put two washed pills at the same time

When you put the washed pills, please make sure your hands are dry.

This product can not eat

Do not use for other purposes

Applicable to Japanese electronic toilets, but do not use the function of cleaning the anus to prevent the washing liquid from touching the human body.

Keep out of reach of children
Do not store in direct sunlight, high temperature or humidity
If the cleaning solution is mistaken into the eyes, do not rub it. Rinse it with water for more than 15 minutes.
In case of accidental washing of pills or washing liquid, drink 1-2 cups of milk or plenty of water.
If the cleaning solution is stained with skin or clothing, it should be cleaned with water.
If abnormal conditions occur, you should bring this product to the doctor for treatment.

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