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The new GORE-TEX® SURROUND® technology used in this shoe’s construction lets your feet breathe from every single angle, even through the soles. The shoe is also equipped for more demanding treks and trails, boasting a high level of comfort and stability. A mid-cut profile adds even more support and protection.
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GORE-TEX® SURROUND® product technology makes a shoe that is totally breathable and waterproof. It removes sweat faster and keeps your feet dry, both from inside and outside the shoes.
Ideal weight with mid-cut support - enhancing your motion, for all kinds of activity.
Ortholite® technology provides high-level breathability and long-term cushioning.
Dual layer lightweight EVA midsole with GEL® (in the rearfoot) for the best comfort and cushioning.
TPU heel counter provides great stability and support for smooth transitions.
Minimal yet protective upper design, with TPU reinforcement.
Engineered studs are patterned to enhance traction and durability.
Heel drop: 10.0mm

Care Instructions
Cleaning: Prepare the footwear by removing surface dirt such as mud and grit. When cleaning Haglöfs footwear, it is important to use a soft sponge under clean lukewarm running water. Dry the footwear off with a clean cloth or rag at a natural temperature. Do not use the aid of an external heat source or direct sunlight. Direct heat may alter the shape of the shoe. Footwear should never be cleaned in a washing machine.
For best comfort and foot climate, also clean the inside of the footwear now and then using a soft brush and lukewarm water. Remove the footbed before washing. To speed up drying, fill each boot or shoe with newspaper and let the paper absorb the majority of the moisture before removing it to allow the footwear to finish drying. Regardless of whether you clean the inside or outside, make sure your footwear dries at room temperature, never with the aid of a heater or drying cabinet (excessive heat may for instance cause the leather to crack). Cleaned footwear is best stored at room temperature using a shoe tree. Never store dirty shoes.
Before first use, treat boots and shoes with waterproofing, including the laces and the entire tongue. Treat the cleaned surfaces of boots and shoes regularly with waterproofing intended for synthetic materials.

There are many different waxes and waterproofing agents on the market for different types of footwear and areas of use. Ask your retailer for advice and tips regarding the specific boots or shoes you have purchased.

Tip: Wear pure wool or wool/synthetic socks for the best foot climate. Socks in these materials help your boots and shoes to maintain a good climate for your feet as they wick away sweat much better than cotton. Damp can contribute to chafing, cold feet and in the worst case also athlete's foot.
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From Sweden - Since 1914



Over a Century


Haglöfs is built on a strong value-driven foundation: reliable, curious and proud. Reliability means that you can rely on your Haglöfs gear to be durable, functional and sustainable. Curiosity comes from constantly evaluating ourselves to become even more innovative and relevant. And pride is about our true passion for everything we do – ensuring you look better, feel better and perform better with your Haglöfs gear. With this, our vision is as obvious and it is true: we want to inspire people to get out there.


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