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Germany Denk Mit WC-TABS 16 pcs

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  • 01. German DM toilet cleaning foam artifact

# WCcleaning #Toiletcleaning
potency decontamination ingots
#Urine dirt urine stone removal foaming ingots
#Toilet foam ingots

Germany Denkmit toilet cleaning foam ingots 16 into

automatic, fast and effective cleaning dirt in the toilet, even The same is true where the brush is inaccessible.

Eliminate dirt and lime scale

Deal with bad odor

Remove urinary stones

less than 5% anionic surfactant
Oxygen bleach (containing fragrance)

Instructions for use:

Use scissors to open or directly tear the package, and at the toilet drain, Put a descaling tablet in the water tank and urinal.

Rinse after standing for 30 minutes. (For particularly stubborn dirt, you can leave it overnight)

Put it in before going to bed at night, brush again the next morning, and repeat the above actions if necessary.

This is parallel goods.

Warranty is not included.
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