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A fingerprint-proof, paper-like, anti-reflection type screen protective film that protects your iPad Pro screen from scratches and dirt. The special surface shape design realizes the feeling of drawing on high-quality paper with a pencil. For Latest 2022 M2 iPad Pro 11 inch, iPad Pro 11inch 3rd generation 2021 model, iPad Air 5, iPad Air 10.9inch (4th generation), iPad Pro 11inch Spring 2020 model, iPad Pro 11inch 2018 model

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-Achieves drawing comfort close to that of high-quality paper
The special surface treatment provides a firm drawing feel like that of high-quality paper. It is a paper-like film which makes it easy to draw lines because it is not too slippery.

-Repels fingerprints and glides comfortably on the fingers
The fluorine treatment repels water and prevents dirt from sticking to it, keeping it clean.

-Fingerprint resistant, fingerprints are difficult to adhere to and can be easily wiped off
Anti-fingerprint treatment on the film surface makes fingerprints less likely to stick, and if they do, they can be easily wiped off.

-Reflection and glare suppression
The AG (anti-glare) treatment suppresses screen flicker and prevents light reflection, keeping the screen at eye level and easy to view.

-Air bubbles disappear after 24 hours
Air bubbles are difficult to get into when adhering, and even if they do, they disperse over time and become less visible. It also attracts small dust particles and does not leave air bubbles on the screen.

-Smooth finger glide
Smooth finger glide for smooth and comfortable on-screen operation.

-Keeps films clean and scratch resistant
Keeping the film clean and scratch-resistant, the hard-coat treatment prevents scratches and keeps the film clean for a long time.

Prevents flicker, Non-invasive to the eyes and easy to see. Special treatment to prevent film flicker and keep the screen easy to see.

Re-absorption even after re-use. Even if the film is peeled off, it can be reattached without breaking the adsorption due to the adsorption surface of the silicon material.

-Naturally absorbent
The natural sticker is easy to apply even if you just put it on. Thanks to the natural adhesion process, the film naturally adheres to the screen.

-Use half-cut film for easy lamination.

-Made in Japan
Trusted Made in Japan
Made in Japan under strict quality control, so you can use it with confidence.

Compatible models:Latest 2022 M2 iPad Pro 11 inch,  5th generation iPad Air (2022 models), 3rd generation iPad Pro 11-inch (2021 models), 4th generation iPad Air (2020 models), 2nd generation iPad Pro 11-inch (2020 models), 11-inch iPad Pro (2018 models)
Compatible models:A2759,A2435,A2761,A2762, A2588, A2589, A2591, A2072, A2316, A2324, A2325, A1934, A1979, A1980, A2013, A2068, A2228, A2230, A2231, A2301, A2377, A2459, A2460
Set Contents : LCD protective film (paper comfort, anti-reflective specification, high quality paper type) x 1, dusting sticker x 1, cleaning cloth x 1, squeegee x 1
Material: adhesive side: silicone, outer side: PET

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