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$ 18,687.00
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Country of Origin Hong Kong
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Cultural Blessing 'The Legend' 999.9 Gold Thor's Hammer Mjolnir Mjölnir Mjollnir Necklace Price-by-Weight approx 0.66 tael

Calculation Method: Gold Weight (tael) x *Commission Free Gold Sell Price (tael) + Labour Charge

*Commission Free Gold Sell Price (tael) is subjected to the last update from platform

About Chow Sang Sang

From the era of material pursuits to female empowerment, Chow Sang Sang blends our traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology and design to endow jewellery with wide arrays of meaning. 


Chow Sang Sang Group endures wind and rain with all Hong Kong people, weathering storms with you across times of extravagant classics to contemporary minimalism, materializing precious promises and blessings down generations everlastingly.


DPMS Category B Registrant (Registration No. B-B-23-12-00018)

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【Less is Greener】我們堅持環保承諾,默默地減少紙質包裝袋的使用。如果您需要紙質包裝袋,請在下單後的 1小時內與我們聯繫。

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Pricing Method:   Priced by Weight

Labour Charge:   HK$1500

Product Model: 90637Z-24KG-00

Necklace Size:   50 CM

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