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Funny Octopus
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Country of Origin China

- Lightweight and easy to carry

- Vibration massage to relieve muscle soreness and promote blood circulation

- Octopus shape design, novel and cute appearance

- Four massage contact points for more accurate massage

- Waterproof level 5, can be used in the shower

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This is authorized goods.

Warranty Period : 12 Months
Warranty Provided By : 動生活有限公司 Power Living Limited

Service Centre Details :

Address : Room B, 9/F, Fu Hop Factory Building, 209, Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Email : cs@powerliving.com.hk
Contact : 2358 3008|Wts:6891 8298(需要提早whatsapp預約)
Remark : Please refer to the warranty inside packingPlease keep the warranty sticker on the color box and the original receipt
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Delivery / Return

本店一般會安排順豐速運或Kings/gogoX 物流送貨,一般需要兩至三個工作天。如何需要加急即日送貨服務,請通過客戶服務熱線聯系本店。

- 偏遠地區及離島,未必能提供服務,或會收取附加費,敬請預先查詢。





本公司3kg 以上商戶派送一般使用GogoX提供服務之地區:

Service Area:

香港所有地區 (除不提供服務之地區外)。 All areas in Hong Kong (excluding Non-Service Areas).


Non-Service Areas (Including but not limited to the below areas): 離島區:大嶼山(除東涌、愉景灣)、坪洲、喜靈洲、南丫島、蒲台島、長洲、昂坪、香港國際


Islands District: Lantau Island (except Tung Chung and Discovery Bay), Peng Chau, Hei Ling Chau, Lamma Island, Po Toi Island, Cheung Chau, Ngong Ping, Hong Kong International Airport, etc..

And all restricted areas (except Ma Wan), Port areas, Disneyland, Ocean Park, logistics warehouses, transit warehouses.

warehouses that need to wait in line for pick-up or delivery, and warehouses that need to pay entry fees or registration fees.


Delivery arrangements for remote areas:


Ma Wan, Discovery Bay, Tung Chung: Delivery every Wednesday. If Wednesday falls on a holiday, it will be delivered within two working days after the holiday.

西貢: 逢星期四進行派送。如周四適逢假日,將於假日後兩個工作天內派送。

Sai Kung: Delivery every Thursday. If Thursday falls on a holiday, it will be delivered within two working days after the



Sai Kung District is only applicable to the following areas:

西貢市中心、白沙灣、高富樓、高勝樓、泰湖閣、翠塘花園、明順村、逸瓏海滙、西興大廈、西貢花園、西買苑、逸瓏園、對面海邨、慶徑石、蠔涌、匡湖居、莫遮輋、南圍、北港、打蠔墩、打鼓嶺、大涌口、觀海樓、甲邊朗、滘西洲、 盈峰灣、南山、北港坳、菠蘿、沙角尾、大網仔、太平村、蔥場、下洋、坑口村、孟公屋、檳榔灣、布袋澳、相思 魚灣村、海下、高流灣、白沙澳、十四鄉、黃竹洋、榕樹澳。灣、上洋、水邊村、大坑口、大環頭、田下灣村、馬游塘、茅湖仔、傲瀧、碧水新村、大埔仔、井欄樹、將軍澳村、魷魚灣寸、海下、高流灣、白沙澳、十四鄉、黃竹洋、榕樹澳。

Sai Kung City Centre, Pak Sha Wan, Ko Fu Building, Ko Shing Building. Lake Court, Lakeside Garden, Ming Shun Village, Park Mediterranean, Sai Kung Building, Sai Kung Garden, Sai Kung Town Centre, The Mediterranean, Tui Min Hoi Chuen, Hing Keng Shek, Ho Chung, Marina Cove. Mok Tse Che, Nam Wai, Pak Kong, Ta Ho Tun, Ta Kwu Ling, Tai Chung Hau, Bay View Pavilion, Kap Pin Long, Kau Sai Chau, La Caleta, Nam Shan, Pak Kong Au, Po Lo Che, Sha Kok Mei, Tai Mong Tsai, Tai Ping Estate, Tan Cheung, Ha Yeung, Hang Hau Village, Mang Kung Uk, Pan Long Wan, Po Toi O, Sheung Sze Wan, Sheung Yeung, Shui Bin Tseun, Tai Hang Hau. Tai Wan Tau, Tin Ha Wan Village, Ma Yau Tong, Mao Wu Tsai, Mount Pavilia, Pik Shui Sun | Tsuen, Tai Po Tsai, Tseng Lan Shue, Tseung Kwan O Village, Yau Yue Wan Village, Hoi Ha, Ko Lau Wan, Pak Sha O. Shap Sze Heung, Wong Chuk Yeung, Yung Shue O.

GOGOX 保留一切權利彈性處理偏遠地區派送時間的安排。

GOGOX reserves all rights to flexibly handle the arrangements and time of delivery for remote areas.