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The unique soft and refreshing texture can instantly replenish a large amount of moisture to the skin, so that the skin will instantly regain vitality, feel comfortable and natural, the skin texture will become fresher, softer, softer and more delicate, and the skin will always feel full and plump.

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* Combine a variety of effective moisturizing and anti-fatigue soothing factors to improve dry, dull and tired skin.
* The moisture-locking and moisturizing factor effectively combats the loss of water and urea (Trans Epidermal Water and Urea Loss) through the skin, and brings instant and long-lasting moisture-locking and moisturizing effects to the skin.
* Rice and pomegranate extracts have excellent anti-free radical effects, which can reduce the oxidative stress of skin cells and effectively protect DNA.

* Suitable for all skin types and any skin condition, as well as skin that is dry and dehydrated, loses luster and/ feels tight and uncomfortable.
* Young skin or mature skin who wants to improve tension and discomfort.

Alpine Bio Extracts Swiss alpine plant extracts
Extracted from natural herbs grown in the Swiss Alps, including edelweiss, coltsfoot, yellow gentian and daisy flowers, it can provide the skin with powerful anti-oxidation, activating minerals, purifying and brightening effects.
Aqua-Vitale 24 Complex 24 active water moisturizing compound element
Combining 24 different nourishing nutrients, including moisture-locking and moisturizing factors, anti-fatigue plant extracts, energy-boosting factors and a variety of trace elements, it helps promote the overall health of the skin, nourishes and repairs the skin, and restores moisture and plumpness to the skin.
-Hydration Binders moisturizing factor: kneading the salicornia plant extract that can promote moisturizing effect, powerful moisturizing agent sodium hyaluronate, natural moisturizing ingredient urea and natural moisturizing factor sodium PCA, can effectively resist the loss of water through the skin and The condition of urea (Trans Epidermal Water and Urea Loss) brings instant and long-lasting moisture retention and moisturizing effect to the skin.
-Energy Brighteners & Boosters energy and translucent boosting factor: Chilean tree extract and licorice extract have the effects of whitening and brightening and even skin tone, while anti-fatigue factors, stable vitamins A, C and PP help to improve skin texture and restore skin Tender and delicate. Zinc, copper and magnesium can help promote cell regeneration.
-Powerful Antioxidants: Rice and pomegranate extract have excellent anti-free radical effects, which can effectively reduce the oxidative stress of skin cells, thereby effectively protecting deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).
Soft-Touch Polymer
Combined with the active ingredients and polysaccharides extracted from dehydrated red seaweed, it can form a protective film on the skin surface, effectively reducing water loss and locking the skin's natural moisture, instantly regaining moisture and plumpness of the skin, and the skin texture becomes finer Smooth as silk.

Use in the morning and/or evening; use your fingertips to gently spread the essence evenly on the face and neck, then apply Force Vitale cream suitable for your skin type. This essence can be used as a daily care product or as a key repair essence when necessary.

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