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wood beads 12x8mm bracelet
Natural wood, stone are not perfect. Each color is different in color, depth, and texture. There are also small flaws such as ice cracks, cotton wool, impurities, and sanding.
(Perfectists don't buy)

Mailing method
Fully affixed to the Hongkong Post Office and sent by registered mail to protect the risk of lost mail.


HK-Accessories 是於 2014年間成立的一間小小的手作品店, 專注於用曰本品牌 " Toho " 玻璃小米珠做飾物.
後再以 4mm 的半寶石, 水晶, 珍珠.....配以日本的 " Kumihimo " 編織法去做手鍊.
近年再以 2mm 切面水晶, 配以曰本 " Cenfill " 廠的記憶合金, 美國的 " JK Finding " 廠的 GF14K 配件, 做出極細緻, 閃爍, 更不容易掉色的精美飾物, 尤以手鍊, 戒指.....更是俘虜了不少女仕歡心.
這兩年更和内地廠商合作, 主要售賣一些天然的水晶手鍊. HK-Accessories 的要求水晶手鍊要天然料的, 就算有礦缺, 棉絮....等, 這也是天然的便可以了.

T & C

天然石並不完美,每顆顏色,深淺,紋理都不一樣,也有冰裂,棉絮,雜質及打磨等的小瑕疵. ( 完美主義者請勿購買 ).
貨品是隨機發送,  (一圖一物除外 ), 另圖片顏色與實物可能有色差影響.
如客户有需要更改手圍尺寸, 下單後可聯絡 HK-Accessories.
改細尺寸一般接受, 若要加大則要看當時有無散珠庫存, 及要加收散珠費用.




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wood beads 12x8mm bracelet
Precautions :
Natural materialsare not perfect. Each color, shade,texture is different.
There are also small defects such as ice cracks, lint, impurities and polishing.
( Perfectionists pls don’t buy.)
The goods are sent randomly, except for those item in the picture individually.

In addition, there may be color different between the color of the picture and the real object.
If you needs to change the size of the hand circumference, pls contact HK-Accessories after placing the order.
It is generally acceptable to shorten the length. If you want to make it longer, it depends on whether the stock of beads are available or not. Pls be noted you will be charged for the cost of extra beads.

Delivery Method :
Good will be ready within 3 working days upon receipt of the order.
Delivery will be arranged via Hong Kong Post on the fourth working day by repistered mail. The delivery time is subject to the Hong Kong Post.
If the customer is not present or there is no one to collect on behalf of you, you need to pick it up from the post office, and the post office will never deliver it again.
Overdue goods will be returned to HK-Accessories. It cannot be regarded as cancelled order.
If you need us to send again, you will be charged $100.00 for shipping and administration fee.

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