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· Hollow and breathable, does not oppress the eyeball
· Scientific height, protect the spine
· One-button opening, easy to use, height adjustable
· The pillow core is detachable and the pillowcase is washable (the memory foam inner core is not washable)
· Slow-resilient memory foam, excellent pressure release
· ABS support frame, environmentally friendly material, sturdy and durable

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Take a comfortable nap for half an hour, study spiritually for an afternoon, and get better grades. The hollow air is not stuffy, and you can breathe freely.
Sleeping on the stomach does not oppress the eyeballs and protects the child's precious eyes.
The weight of a bottle of water, the folding storage is only the size of a book, and it can be easily put into a school bag.
One-button opening, easy to use, three-level height adjustable, suitable for different heights.
Keep hygienic and clean at all times (memory foam inner core is not washable)
Slow-rebound memory foam can cushion neck pressure during naps, making naps easier.
Size: 17.5*27.5*3cm
Product net weight: 560±25g

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With the mission of "making the world sleep better", JAGO adheres to the values of "integrity, innovation, quality and service", creates a good sleep environment for consumers, and strives to become the most trusted healthy sleep brand in the world.
JAGO was established in 2010, with multi-scene functional pillows as product positioning, providing better solutions for national sleep health. Pay attention to the different sleep needs of different scenes in different stages of life. Products include latex pillows, memory pillows, nap pillows, children's pillows, baby pillows, U-shaped pillows, mattresses and surrounding cushions, etc. The product is based on the ergonomic design as the research and development concept, and comprehensively cares for the health of the human cervical, lumbar and coccygeal vertebrae.
JAGO has been working hard for more than ten years with ingenuity. The products are exported to Japan, the United States and other overseas countries, and more than 3,000 domestic online distribution companies have become a high-quality brand trusted by the people.

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