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Some of the goods sold in this shop are parallel imported goods, which are directly imported from our own house, and are 100% genuine. Provided by different suppliers all over the world, the product label may be different, and the smell or outer packaging may be different due to the season, formula change, storage method, etc.

The other parts with the original licensed label are the Hong Kong version of the agency licensed products, which are the same styles and models as the major chain stores and supermarkets in the market. Please customers can rest assured to buy.

Because the packaging box may be slightly flattened or wrinkled during transportation, if the packaging box does not affect the function or quality of the product, there will be no return or exchange.


※Due to shooting conditions and monitors, the color of the product photo may be slightly different from the actual product. The pictures are for reference only, and the actual product shall prevail.
※Products are frequently updated. If you receive a product that does not match the detailed picture, please refer to the actual product received. In addition, after cross-country long-distance transportation, the outer packaging of the product may have indentations, slight damage, the seal (if any) comes off, and the printed date is worn due to scratches and collisions, etc., but usually it does not affect the quality of the product.


To contribute to environmental protection, the company will try to use environmentally friendly cartons or used A4 paper for packaging purposes. Without affecting product quality, I hope customers understand and accept it .

Please refer to the package instructions for product details. The pictures of the products in the store are for reference only. The color, size, weight and shape of the products are subject to the actual product at the time of delivery.



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