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to fit all foods: from bananas to grapefruits.
XS | 3.5-5.5cm; S | 4-6.5cm; M | 5.5-7.5cm; L| 7.5-9.5cm; XL | 8 - 10.5cm

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That peel or skin was Nature's way of protecting and preserving the food. Once it was removed, the door was opened for the fruit or veggie to spoil much much faster. By preventing the fruit or veggie from losing moisture and keeping air and bacteria out the Food Hugger extends the life of the fruit.

How much more time EXACTLY? There is a lot of variety across different fruits and veggies in terms of how long they last and it's impossible to give one answer. Citrus fruits like lemons and limes can last for weeks while a tomato will not last as long. Many fruits (like avocados) depend a great deal on how ripe the fruit or veggie is when you first hug it. We are certain that you will get lots of extra time to enjoy your fruits and vegetables when you store them in a Food Hugger®.

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標誌 / 認証說明

BPA Free  -  產品不含BPA

BPA代表雙酚A,一種用於生產可重複使用的塑料產品的雌激素模擬化學品。 “BPA是一種具有雌激素活性的化學物質(EA),意味著它模仿雌激素”...... “EA化學物質的一些不良影響,包括BPA,提早經期,精子數量減少,生殖器官功能改變,肥胖和癌症發病率增加。”


PFOA Free - 產品不含PFOA

全氟辛酸(PFOA)是生產含氟聚合物的全氟化合物和副產物。 全氟化學品(PFCs)是一組用於製造含氟聚合物塗料和耐熱,油,污漬,油脂和水的產品的化學品。


PFOA對人類健康的影響尚不清楚。 PFOA可以長時間保留在體內。 在大量實驗動物中,PFOA可影響肝臟的生長和發育,繁殖和損傷。 需要更多的研究來評估接觸PFOA對人類健康的影響。




IPX3 防水認証



測試細節包括至少五分鐘的測試持續時間,0.7升/分鐘的水量和80-100kN / m 2的壓力。

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