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Nespresso capsules are hermetically sealed in order to maintain the coffee at its absolute best. As a result, the coffee in the capsule is kept fresh for at least a year after production. Nespresso guarantees a shelf life of at least 2 months upon delivery of coffee capsules. You can test the freshness of a capsule by gently pressing the silver membrane. If it offers resistance, the capsule can still be used. Production and best before date can be found on every sleeve.


Warm Reminder:We recommend purchasing coffee capsules based on your personal consumption requirements.


How To Recycle Nespresso Capsules?


Fill your recycling bag with used Nespresso capsules and drop them off at any of our Nespresso Boutiques.



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Boutique ifc (Shop 1058A, Podium 1, ifc Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong)
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