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Made from high-quality fabric, with 95% viscose and 5% elastane blend, providing ultimate comfort.


內衣產品同樣講究潮流時尚。PRIVATE STRUCTURE講究健康機能和設計感;結合幽默和性感的主題,製作出適合不同人士的產品。
PRIVATE STRUCTURE的設計團隊起源於馬來西亞。品牌產品邁向創意與多元化發展,在每一個新季節推出翻陳出新的產品系列,從簡單的內在美延伸至輕鬆舒適的休閒裝,便服及健身服飾。
PRIVATE STRUCTURE對產品生產有嚴格的品質要求,希望帶給大家優質、時尚及傑出的設計款式。

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Essence Collection, where design knows no bounds and creativity takes the spotlight. Here, we discard the essentials and embrace funky ideas that defy convention. Priority is given to unleashing the full force of imagination. Silhouettes remain basic, but that's where the fun begins — we infuse each design with a unique role and character.

The fabric choices are limitless, allowing us to explore uncharted territories. Colors run wild, creating a vibrant kaleidoscope that's like a puzzle waiting to be solved.

Join us on this exhilarating journey where rules are meant to be broken, and the unexpected becomes the norm. The Essence Collection is where fashion meets adventure, and every piece tells a bold and vibrant story.

Get ready to unleash your inner wild and embrace the joy of fearless self - expression.
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