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Description - 9D arc coverage
- 0.33mm 9H extra-strong explosion-proof protection
- Optimized edge of the glass film
- Double electroplating coating technology for smoothness, scratch resistance, and fingerprint resistance
- Exhaust adsorption technology, which reduces air bubbles and makes it easier to stick
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9D arc coverage
- Glass film closely adheres to the phone screen
9H extra-strong glass explosion-proof protection
- 0.33mm aluminum glass
- Processed with 120-minute strengthening
Double plasma electroplating coating technology for smoothness, scratch resistance, and fingerprint resistance
- Can withstand 10,000 swipes
- Long-lasting smoothness, scratch resistance, and fingerprint resistance for the phone film
* Compared to ordinary nano and electroplated films, ordinary films can only withstand 2500-4000 swipes
Exhaust adsorption technology
- The phone film has a bubble exhaust layer
- Reduces bubbles and makes it easier to apply the film (suitable for DIY film users)

The product includes:
1. 9D HD tempered glass film x1
2. Mobile phone film bag, including:
- Alcohol pad x1
- Lens cleaning cloth x1
- Dust removal sticker x1

DIY mobile phone film perfect application tutorial:
1. Use the alcohol pad to wipe the screen surface
2. Wipe off the alcohol with a lens cloth and ensure there is no residual grease or fingerprints on the screen
3. Use the dust removal sticker to remove any dust on the screen (note: corners of the phone must be cleaned as well)
4. Peel off the protective film on the protective sticker, align the holes and corners of the phone, and put the protective sticker from the edge of the earpiece.
5. If you find air bubbles after pasting, push them from the inside to the outside with your hands or a lens cloth. Check whether the corners are aligned properly.

How to remove air bubbles from the protective film during application?
Mr. Nobody 9D HD tempered glass film uses exhaust adsorption technology, so you only need to use a lens cloth to slowly push the air bubbles from the inside to the outside. You can use your nails to gently push them as well. If bubbles occur due to dust, you need to peel off the protective film, use a dust removal sticker to remove the dust, and then reapply the film.

How to remove the high-definition tempered glass film?
You can slowly pry it open from the corners with your nails. If the glass breaks, you can first stick tape on the glass and then pull it up to avoid injuring your hands.

How to extend the life of the protective film?
Try to keep your phone separate from hard objects such as keys and coins to avoid scratches. In addition, when cleaning the phone, avoid using irritating solvents such as alcohol and disinfectant sprays (such as hypochlorous acid water and chlorine dioxide). Instead, use a lens cloth dipped in water or baking soda water to wipe. If there are stubborn stains, it is recommended to use a mobile phone-specific cleaning agent.

How often should you replace your phone film?
Mr. Nobody 9D HD tempered glass film is highly wear-resistant and can withstand 10,000 swipes. Under normal circumstances, it does not need to be replaced. It only needs to be replaced if the glass film becomes less smooth or has scratches.
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