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- Valid from the next day upon activation to the 15th day 23:59 HK time
- Upgrade to the first 9GB high-speed data, then 128kbps(max.) unlimited data
- Tethering supported
- 3-in-1 SIM card
- Location of the network provider of this card: Hong Kong
- Expiry date: 31/12/2024

** NOT applicable to Tibet, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Macau, Taiwan, HongKong

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APN Setting
Name: CMHK

Instructions for use:
After arriving at the destination, put the SIM card into the "SIM 1" card slot of the mobile phone, and then turn on "Data Roaming" to use.

- 15-day mobile data service will be effective upon SIM activation, $88 stored value will be deducted accordingly.
- When data usage reached 3GB in Mainland China, thereafter data access speed will be maintained at maximum 128Kbps, data services are also not applicable for peer-to-peer(P2P) applications(including Bit-Torrent).
- 5G mobile data service is only accessible in Mainland China, but not in other areas.
- Only mobile data service is supported, neither voice, SMS nor value-added services.
- Network provider: China Mobile.
A- If you cannot access the Internet normally, please check and try to change the phone settings:
  1. Make sure you are in a place with good signal reception.
  2. Make sure the phone has turned on "Data Roaming".
  3. Set up APN (Phone Settings > Mobile Network > Access Point/APN).
  4. Manually select mobile network provider (select network provider one by one, it takes 1-10 minutes).
  5. Manually select the network mode 5G/4G/3G/2G (for example, if the SIM card is a 4G data card, manually select the LTE or 4G/3G/2G network).
  6. If you still cannot access the Internet, please contact our customer service (contact information is pasted on the outside of the SIM card package).
B- For Apple IOS users, please check whether other description profile have been installed in the mobile phone settings. If so, please delete the description profile. If it not deleted, it will only display 3G and cannot connect to the Internet.
C- Before enable the [Data Roaming] function, please confirm that the other SIM card has been removed / Please make sure to turn off the roaming settings of other SIM cards or directly turn off the card slot function for dual-SIM mobile phones to avoid unnecessary roaming charges.
D- There are many reasons why the SIM card cannot be used, not necessarily the SIM card itself, so please contact us for support first.
E- Customer service contact information is pasted on the outside of the SIM card package, you can scan the QR code in a place with Wi-Fi to contact us.
F- The application may restrict the location of the network company provided, for example, some Japanese game applications cannot use the network provided by Hong Kong or Thailand.
G- The network provided by the SIM card does not restrict applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Google Map, Instagram, Line, etc. The local area may suddenly block any application due to its policy without any notice.
H- If there is any complaint after returning to Hong Kong without contacting us, no processing and refund will be made.
I- If use in non-coverage areas, in addition to being unusable, the number of days of use may be calculated immediately.
J- The Internet card products sold in this store are all disposable products, and this store does not provide any recharge or value-added services. Any recharge or value-added services for the product are provided by the product network provider, and our store will not be able to provide any relevant support services. For inquiries, please contact the product network provider.
K- The pictures are for reference only, the real object should be considered as final.
L- Internet speed may vary due to location, surrounding environment, usage period and device influence.
M- Until the end of use, please keep the complete SIM card and packaging for future inquiries.
N- In order to prevent customers from any improper use of the network or resources, deceitful or fraudulent behavior, the telecommunications company has the right to temporarily suspend the provision of any or all services to customers without any notice until the customer has stopped the improper behavior or related The investigation has been completed.
O- Our company only sells products of this telecommunications company and is not a telecommunications company. All information including SIM cards, network services, service plan content and coverage are provided by telecommunications company.
P- The telecommunications provider reserves the right to change the terms and content of the SIM card at any time, including call time, SMS service, charge for call time, and data usage, without giving prior notice to the customer or obtaining the customer's prior consent.
Q- Since the upgrade/change of the service plan is unpredictable and may be carried out after the product is sold, the information marked on the product package may not be updated in time, including and not limited to the product expiration date, number of days of use, data/voice usage, and available regions; therefore, if Please forgive me if the information is wrong or the latest information is not posted. For the latest information, please refer to the official website of the telecommunications provider or this webpage. If you have any questions, you can also contact us.

This is authorized goods.

Warranty Period : 1 Days
Warranty Provided By : Enjoy Sim Plus

Service Centre Details :

Address : Scan the Enjoy Sim's QR code on the SIM card package
Email : hktv@lt-comm.com
Contact : LIVE CHAT / TELEGRAM / LINE / WHATSAPP(6979 7920)
Remark : Generally, SIM card is plug-to-use. If it cannot be used, please check the access point name of the mobile phone and data roaming is enabled. There are many reasons why the SIM card cannot be used, not necessarily the SIM card itself, so please contact us for support first. Customer service contact information is pasted on the outside of the SIM card package, you can scan the QR code in a place with Wi-Fi to contact us, WHATSAPP (Monday to Saturday, 10:30~19:30, closed on public holiday), TELEGRAM & LINE (non-office hours service), LIVE CHAT (available in the Mainland China). If there is any complaint after returning to Hong Kong without contacting us, no processing and refund will be made. Please keep the SIM card and packaging for future inquiries.
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