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- 0 – 2 years (max. 15kg ~ 33lbs)
- One size fits all
- Safe: compliant with all EU safety norms
- Washable at 40º (in a wash bag and at low RPM)
- Material: mesh fabric (light-weight polyester fabric with small holes)
- Waterproof – perfect for use in the shower, at the pool, on the beach…
- Super quick and easy – as long as you follow the instructions

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Wear the sling high

Experience has taught that users tend to wear the Mini Sling too low and too loose. The neck and back of the baby will not get the proper support. Therefore our advice is: wear the sling high, with your baby’s head against your sternum and its body snugly against yours! You are carrying the Mini Sling at the correct height if you can easily kiss your baby on its little headBefore you put the baby in, make sure the sling has the shape of a ‘bowl’ and hangs on both sides underneath your armpits (see picture above left). On the right picture the shoulder piece hangs far too low.

By tightening the black strap on your back, you raise the baby higher, ensuring the proper support for its neck and back. If the baby is already positioned in the sling and the sling is still a little too loose/low, you can simply adjust it by pushing the baby upwards with your hand underneath his bottom and pulling on the black strap on your back at the same time.

Prevent hanging lopsided

If the baby is hanging at an angle, or the head falls sideways in the sling, this is generally caused by one of the following:

  1. the carrier is too loose/too low 
  2. the shoulder piece hasn’t been properly spread across your upper arm and shoulder 
  3. the side of the shoulder piece is too high and the side where the sling goes underneath your armpit is too low.

 It’s the intention for the shoulder piece to be spread out and that both the clip, as well as the section which goes underneath your armpit, is positioned at armpit height – see the yellow arrows in the picture below. If these are positioned at the same height – armpit height – and you close the clip once the baby is in the sling, the padded top edge of the back piece will effectively support the baby’s neck and head. The top edge will then be nice and straight, just like with a strapless top, and the baby’s head won’t fall sideways. If your baby is in the sling and it’s still a little lopsided, you can slightly twist the Mini Sling and tighten the strap on your back a little.

Spread the shoulder piece

Spreading the fabric over the shoulder helps to prevent the baby hanging lopsidedly and is much more comfortable for you. The Mini Sling’s shoulder piece is designed to fit comfortably on your shoulder joint. Ensure the shoulder piece is spread out properly over your shoulder and upper arm, to prevent your baby from hanging to one side. The large black extendable strap should be on your back. The sling is suitable for wearing on either shoulder. Don’t know which shoulder to pick? Choose the side you normally carry your (hand) bag on as that will feel the most natural to you.

Safety loops and buckles
The Mini Sling has two safety loops and two buckles, so you can wear it on your left as well as your right shoulder. The loop on the inside (near your baby’s neck) and the clip at the bottom of the sling aren’t used, they are for carrying your baby on your other shoulder. If you so wish, you can tuck the dangling clip between the fabric above it, as shown in the illustration below.

Times of use

The Mini Sling is the ideal carrier to always have with you. It is so small and light, you will barely notice it’s in your bag at all! It is suitable for use for a newborn as well as a toddler (max. 15 kgs) and its airy fabric makes it especially suitable for warm days. The Mini Sling is perfect for travellingaround the house, the ‘I wish I brought a baby carrier’ and the ‘let’s quickly’ moments…

On the go:
If you’re travelling with your baby, or you are out and about, there’s a thousand things you need to bring; clothes, food, nappies, sunscreen, you name it… So it’s very convenient if you can stuff a baby carrier in your bag that doesn’t take up much room, is light and airy, can get wet and it dries quickly. This all makes it ideal for use on the airport, under the shower, at the pool or on the beach.

The ‘I wish I brought a baby carrier’ moments:
You are out and about with your baby in its stroller, and the inevitable happens: the stroller can’t get into the shop, you need to take the stairs to another floor, you need to hand over the stroller to board your plane, etc. Or, your ‘little monkey’ simply refuses to sit down… All these situations make it necessary for you to carry your baby. How wonderful to just dig into your bag and take out the Mini Sling!

Let’s quickly:
Let’s quickly go to day care, school or the shops. Quickly going to and from the car. A quick trip up the stairs or down the post office. Let’s quickly take the dog for a walk… Let’s quickly get out the Mini Sling!

At home – hands-free:
As well as being super convenient for use outside the house, the Mini Sling is a champion at home too! At those moments when your baby’s a bit fussy and wants to be close to you, you quickly put it in the sling. You’ll have your baby close and comfortable, while still having your hands free.

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