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Why HKTVmall can assure the product quality?

Updated on   29 Nov 2016

1. Japanese & Korean products are imported directly from their local brands, supplier & agents, ensuring all imported products are 100% genuine!....more>

What is Standard Delivery and what is Non Standard Delivery?

Updated on   25 Nov 2016

Every product provides details about the delivery arrangement - whether it is delivered by HKTVmall or by the store directly, as well as the estimated delivery time.....more>

How do I know if it will ship to my address?

Updated on   25 Nov 2016

At this stage, we regret that we do not deliver to the following areas :....more>

How to calculate delivery fee?

Updated on   25 Nov 2016

Enjoy FREE DELIVERY upon $400 purchase!....more>

What is Mall Dollar? How to earn Mall Dollar?

Updated on   25 Nov 2016

You can earn cash rebate that can pay for your next purchase on most of the products in HKTVmall. ....more>

How to use my Mall Dollars?

Updated on   25 Nov 2016

Mall Dollar can be used as a method of payment to shop at HKTV Mall. ....more>

What are the benefits to becoming a HKTVmall member?

Updated on   25 Nov 2016

HKTVmall members can earn at least 3% Mall Dollar cash rebate on most products, which allows you to spend on your next purchase, so the more the merrier! ....more>

Why did I not receive my order confirmation email from HKTVmall?

Updated on   25 Nov 2016

HKTVmall will send you important messages including your order information via the "Contact Email Address". If you have not provided that, we will email to your "Login Email Address". ....more>

How to enter delivery address?

Updated on   25 Nov 2016

To ensure smooth and accurate delivery, customers are required to select delivery address from our preset address system starting from 27 January 2016.....more>

How to place order?

Updated on   25 Nov 2016

Simply add any item you'd like to buy to the shopping cart. When you are ready to check out, click the "Shopping Cart" icon on the top right of the page to check out.....more>

What are the benefits to becoming a HKTVmall member?

Updated on   24 Nov 2016

HKTV Mall members can tune-in and watch HKTV Programs on demand anytime, anywhere in Hong Kong from all of your favorite devices....more>

Why we sell cheaper?

Updated on   10 Jul 2016

1. We saved the rent Rental cost accounts for around 10%* of the operation cost for retail business in Hong Kong. With elimination of physical stores, the operation cost of our online store is significantly slashed. ....more>

How do I leave product feedback?

Updated on   10 Jul 2016

To leave feedback, you have to purchase the product at HKTVmall, then login to your account and go to “Reviews” section on the product page to share your comments. ....more>

How to make payment?

Updated on   13 Sep 2015

When you checkout, the total balance of the order is calculated for you, including any shop discounts, any Mall Dollar used and any delivery fee charged. Click on....more>

How long will it take before I receive my order?

Updated on   30 Aug 2015

Delivery time depends on the products, please refer to the estimated delivery time displayed on each product’s page. To check the delivery status....more>

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