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Specification: 50 grams of loose tea (error +/-5%)

The golden tooth tongue tea is very fragrant after brewing, the color is fresh and the taste is refreshing, the soup color is orange and translucent
Importantly, the content of amino acids and tea polyphenols in this tea is much higher than that of other teas. Drinking more will help metabolism.

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It is recommended to put 8 grams of tea leaves into each brew of Tieguanyin, which can be brewed more than 7 times, and the ratio of tea to water is 1:20. That is, 8g of dry tea needs about 160ml of boiling water.

First warm the cup with boiling water, put Tieguanyin in it to warm the tea, let the tea absorb the heat of the water, increase the humidity, and make the tea stretch slightly, then hang the pot on a high brew, let the tea roll and fully stretch Come, stimulate the aroma of the tea leaves and make the tea soup taste better.
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