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Put the bath ball into the bathtub when you take a bath. The melting of the bath ball turns the color of the bath into a girl's favorite dream color. The petals are scattered in the water, and you are immersed in the natural fragrance at the same time.

Contains more natural essential oils, the aroma bursts into light!

[Orchid (blue), rose (pink), marigold (yellow), lavender (purple)]

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[Orchid (blue), rose (pink), marigold (yellow), lavender (purple)]

【Orchid (Blue)】- Moisturize the skin, relieve heat and heat

【Lavender (Purple Purple)】- Sleep peacefully, relax your mind

【Calendula MariGold (Yellow Yellow)】- Sweet and gentle, clearing heat and calming heart

【Rose Rose (Pink PINK)】- faint and fragrant with unique personality


Put the bath ball into the bathtub when bathing, the bath ball melts to make the bathing color become the girl's favorite dream starry sky color, while bathing while immersed in the natural fragrance. (This bath ball can be used for body bath or foot bath)

Suitable for:

-Busy and stressed office workers (aromatherapy essential oils can effectively relieve stress and help restore energy)
-Poor blood, dull complexion (hot water bath helps blood circulation)
-Poor sleep quality, difficult to fall asleep (aromatherapy essential oils are effective in relaxing the mood and promoting good sleep)
-Stay in an air-conditioned room often, or like to drink cold (hot water bath can balance the five internal organs and regulate immunity)
-I often have cold hands and feet (hot water bath helps blood circulation and enhances resistance)


* Pay attention to the water temperature when bathing, avoid using overheated hot water to avoid injury; and pay attention to the soaking time to avoid too long

*Pregnancy, children, drinking, suffering from cardiovascular problems, fasting, wounds on the skin, allergies such as eczema, etc. should be avoided or consult a doctor before use.

* The bathing process will wick away sweat and lose a lot of water. Therefore, you should add enough water before and after bathing, such as water or sports drinks.

* Please remove your contact lenses before taking a bath.

Main Ingredients: Bath Salt, Essential Oils, Baking Soda

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