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1. No screws and no drilling.
2. One-second stretching and quick installation
3. The level design confirms the horizontal position
4. Suitable for doorframes between 70 and 95 cm.
5. Double buckle, anti-slip and loose head to ensure safety.
6. Multifunctional sports equipment: push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups.

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Confirm whether the installation is horizontal by whether the air bubble is in the middle position.

[Anti-slip loose head]
When it is used for a long time, it becomes loose or it is not fastened during installation, and there will be dislocation to remind the user that it needs to be reinstalled.
Head loosening tip: If gravity is applied, the two pieces will not overlap and need to be reinstalled.
Steady installation: apply gravity, and the two pieces will still overlap.

[Two-step locking]
There are two double locks at the front and rear: one gear is clamped and the other locks the knob.
Prevent rotation when using, and exercise is more secure.

[Adjustable single pole on the door] The length can be adjusted, so that it can be easily installed between 71-95cm in most doorframes. Suitable for standard door frames, very suitable for home, garage or office use. Maximum load: 150kg

[Quick Stretching Installation]
Product patent: fast stretching installation, just pull out two poles to adjust to the length you want, without multiple rotations.

[High-quality steel]
Thickened alloy steel pipe: the tube blank is degreased, the primer is rustproof, the metallic paint is coated, and the chrome-plated outer layer is adopted.

[Multifunctional Fitness]
A variety of exercises can be realized at home: push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups.

Detailed steps of installation

1. Confirm the distance between installations before installation.
2. Rotate to release the locks at both ends.
3. Place the product in the middle of the installation position. First, pull one side slightly against the door frame by hand, and do the same operation on the other side. Pay attention to whether the level bubbles on both sides are in the middle position.
4. Rotate the middle main rod in the direction indicated by the arrow until it can no longer be rotated. Be sure to tighten it to ensure that it is not loose.
5. Shake the body hard, and check whether the anti-skid heads on both sides slide downwards. If there is any sliding, it needs to be reinstalled.
6. Fasten the gears at both ends of the single lever and tighten the lock so that the single lever can no longer rotate.

Product parameter
Name: Quick Installation of Single Rod on Non-punching Door
Material: steel pipe /EVA/PVC
Weight: 2.2kg
Width of door frame: 70-95cm
Telescopic length dimension of pull rod:
Shortest: 70cm
Maximum length: 95cm
Bearing capacity: 200kg

Note: All parameters are measured by hand, please refer to the actual parameters.

The package is equipped with:
Single pole on the door ×1

This is authorized goods.

Warranty Period : 30 Days

Service Centre Details :

Address : Unit 513E, 5F, International Plaza, 20 Sheung Yuet Rd, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon
Email : cs.hk@onetwofit.com
Contact : whatsapp:+852 5596 3432 (星期一至五 09:00-17:00)
Remark : Dear Valued Customer, From the date of receipt, 30 days carry-in repair service is provided in the event of failure under normal use (the address is subject to the actual signed receipt of delivery). Excluding all consumables, accessories and parts. 1. Exchange of demaged merchandise(s) in 7 days is permitted but no refund.2. Customer is responsible to deliver the product to our service center for the carry-in repair service, and to pick up the repaired product from the same location. 3. All products can only be returned once in the official store due to quality problems, and there is no return if the product has been exchanged.Above service charges are subject to change without prior notice. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail. For any enquiries, please contact us by email/ whatsapp. Thank you for your continuous support to OneTwoFit!
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