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Description (exp:05/2024)Petio-Natural Sweet Potato Soft Chips for Healthy Digestive System 150g#A243(W13938)
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Since sweet potatoes containing dietary fiber and vitamins C and E are steamed and then dried, the sugar content is increased and the sweetness is concentrated. A chip type that is easy to cut into your favorite size and given, with a soft finish that is easy to eat even for dogs who are not good at hard things. No coloring agent added.

・age: 6 months ~
・Contents amount · Product weight:150 g
・Calories (per 100 g): 289Kcal
・Country of origin:China

Component value
Protein: 1.0% or more, Lipid: 0.1% or more, Crude fiber: 2.0% or less, Ash content: 3.0% or less, Moisture: 29.0% or less

■ Product information
● Use whole sweet potatoes
Uses abundant foods and sweet potatoes with mellow sweetness

● Chips type
A soft type, chips type that is easy to cut into your favorite size and give

● The natural sweetness of the ingredients is delicious
・ Food sens to keep your stomach healthy
・ Vitamin C / E to maintain physical condition
・ Since the secret of the mild sweetness is steamed once, the sugar content is increased and the sweetness is concentrated.

● Here is the point
・ Easy to cut into your favorite size and give
・ Soft finish that is easy to eat even for dogs who are not good at hard things
・ No coloring agents are used

■ Reasons and timing for giving dogs snacks
● Training and discipline
・When you're training in the bathroom or sitting, giving a treat as a reward tends to help you remember it faster.

● As an aid when you have no appetite
・If you want to give a dog food with a well-balanced ingredients to the main and then give it as a supplement, we recommend a snack that is rich in protein. Even when you don't have an appetite, your dog can eat it by changing the taste.

● Stress release
・Gum treats, such as cowhide, can help relieve stress in dogs by chewing. You can chew for a long time, so it's good when you're away from home.
■ Points to choose a snack for dogs
● Calories
Overweight is a cause of illness for dogs as well as humans. If you want to go on a diet, give a low-calorie, low-fat, high-protein treat.
It seems that many snacks made from low-fat ingredients such as chicken fillet and fish are low in calories. In addition, it can be said that the type that can be torn into small pieces, such as venison jerky, is easy to prevent overfeeding.

● Hardness
Hard treats can be expected to provide dental care that keeps your dog's teeth and gums strong. Toothpaste gum sold on each mail order site seems to remove plaque by chewing firmly.
However, if it is too hard, it may not be chewed by puppies, small dogs, and senior dogs with weak jaws. In that case, give a soft snack such as paste.
"Petio Petio material as it is, sweet potato soft chips type" can be given by tearing it into small pieces, so it is a convenient snack that is easy to give to dogs with small mouths.

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