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Алeйка instant oatmeal is made from the best oats in the Altai region. The oat grains are peeled, then steamed and rolled up, so that no nutrition is lost and the taste is improved.

[Best before this date: Oct 2023]

Product Tip: Since the Ukrainian-Russian War affects the European railway transportation supply chain and needs to be transshipped through China, we will try our best to ensure that the goods have a longer shelf life when customers receive them.

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Cooking time and method: Just pour boiling water and wait for 3 minutes.

Shelf life: 12 months

*** There is a small hole at the back of the bag, which is uniquely designed by Russian food factories to avoid crushing damage during long-distance transportation. It also ensures that the grains are ventilated during storage and kept fresh. It is not damaged. No need to worry. buy***

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