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What benefits will be entitled to VIP members?
How to become a VIP Member?

 Accumulated spending reaches HK$3,000* and complete more than 3 orders over a 12-month period will be eligible to be our VIP member

 Once the accumulated spending reaches HK$3,000 and have completed more than 3 orders, your VIP membership will be effective on the next day after the final order is completed**. VIP membership is valid for 1 year 

Terms & Conditions

*"Accumulated spending" mentioned above refers to the total billed amount net of coupon, gift voucher, used Mall Dollar Cash Rebate & other discount offers

** Final Order completed after delivery completed and return or to exchange period expired. Customers can check the status in “Order History”.        

HKTVmall reserves all rights to decide, vary or terminate VIP members. In the event of any dispute, our decision shall be final and conclusive

5% Off on every 8th, 18th & 28th VIP Day ( need to input related discount code. Terms and conditions apply.)